Sounding the City in Bronze (2018)

Sounding the City in Bronze brings together the Federation Bells, a popular and visually-striking Indonesian-inspired sound sculpture in central Melbourne, with Javanese gamelan in a dynamic mobile composition for both sets of instruments by Mitchell Mollison.


Javanese gamelan, a large ensemble of mostly bronze percussion instruments from Indonesia, was one source of inspiration for the creators of the Federation Bells, the set of 39 bronze bells on high poles installed at Birrarung Marr. This is the first time that the two sets of instruments have sounded together.

Performed on site at Birrarung Marr, Sounding the City in Bronze showcases the sounds and instruments of Javanese gamelan – played by Melbourne Community Gamelan – in a new and exciting way. It also engages creatively with the space and history of Birrarung Marr. Indonesian-Australian dancer Ade Suharto adds movement to sound, weaving between the striking architecture of the Federation Bells and the traditional gleaming bronze of the gamelan instruments.

Mapping Melbourne Festival, 2018

Review (in Indonesian, with photos)