Omid (2016)

For soprano, toy piano, bass clarinet, cello, and electronic track, The title is the first name of Omid Masoumali (aged 23), who self-immolated and subsequently died on Nauru in April 2016. In the same week, Hodan Yasin (aged 19 or 21) also self immolated, and there were six other suicide attempts on the island detention centre. I have tried to imagine the mixture of dull monotony, restless frustration, and deep, slow anxiety that must be felt by a person who undertakes an arduous journey from a dangerous place only to be confronted by a towering wall of political expediency, sub-standard living conditions, and years of uncertainty about one’s future. The piece takes Omid's reported last words as text for the soprano.


Soundstream Emerging Composers Forum Concert

ABC Studios, Adelaide

November 30 2017

Deborah Kayser: Soprano

Mitch Berick: Bass Clarinet

Simon Cobcroft: Cello

Gabriella Smart: Toy Piano

Recorded for broadcast by ABC Classic FM.

Review: 'No trace of the audience friendly at Emerging Composers Forum' (The Australian)