Revel-8: Best Music Soundtrack

Mitchell's sountrack to Carl Anthonisz's film, "Drift", won the Revelation Award for Best Music Soundtrack at the Revel-8 Super-8 Film Fest, part of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2011. You can see the film, shot in sequence on a single cartridge of Super-8 film, below (2:49).

Revel-8 embraces the simple pleasures of grass-roots filmmaking. It's all about the visual magic of cinema's smallest film gauge, and the heroic efforts of celluloid gladiators prepared to screen their films, sight unseen, shoulder-to-shoulder with a cinema audience. Add to this a soundtrack they've never heard - made by a composer they've never met, and the madcap antics of our projection team trying to make music and image meet, and you're in for a night of unique entertainment!

The guest judges for Revel-8 2011 were David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz of ABC's "At The Movies".


NoizeMaschin!! #1

Upcoming noise gig at the Perth Artifactory, July 19, which I'm performing in and helping organise:

Warehouses in industrial estates are made for making Noise. So let's do it! The Artifactory's inaugural Noise gig / workshop / jam will allow some crazy sounds to be played at high volume, in the neat-o surrounds of the Artifactory's usual assortment of robot tools, high voltage dubious experiments and other assorted oddness.

5-10 minute sets are played one after another with each artist contributing 2-3 sets over the evening, allowing for interplay between artists during the changeover.

  See the line-up and more info on facebook: NoizeMaschin!! #1


Premiere of Tile/Stretch

Mitchell's new chamber orchestra piece Tile/Stretch was premiered and recorded last night at ABC Studio 620 in Perth by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra's EChO ensemble.

You can read more at the project blog.

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