Video of Tile/Stretch

My chamber orchestra piece, Tile/Stretch, originally written for the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, and performed here at my WA Academy of Performing Arts graduation recital in 2011. Conducted by Lindsay Vickery.

Flute: Kane Moroney

Oboe: Giselle Gabriels

Clarinet: Alex Thomson

Bassoon: Hannah Gladstones

Horn: Stephanie Davis

Trumpet: Sinead Liddelow

Trombone: Daniel Symons

Tuba: Matt Barker
Percussion: James Chong

Harp: Ariel Lyons

Violin: Sonya Maher
Violin II: Absent

Viola: Cristina Filgueira

Cello: Alex Hey

Double Bass: Greg Critchley


Video of Emulation 3

The audio-score for Emulation 3 consists of a synthesised melody and the instructions "play" and "mime". This performance is by Daniel Symons at my WAAPA graduation recital in 2011.


Upcoming Concert: Arcko Symphonic Project

In May, Arcko Symphonic Project will perform works by Monash composition students. My work, Divisions, for Flute, Clarinet, Horn in F, Marimba, Piano, Violin and Cello, employs semi-mobile scoring, in that the order of bars is chosen by the performer but the overall structure is fixed.


8:00pm Friday 25 May 2012

Richmond Uniting Church
310 Church St, Richmond

Tickets $10


Earwax #4: Feature Article / Breaking Out review

Earwax Magazine is a magazine devoted to new Australian contemporary art music. The latest issue features an article by me on my audio-scores, and a review of the Breaking Out concert in which Emulation 2: Trio was premiered.

This issue also contains a feature by Sam Gillies, an interview with Anthony Pateras, and several concert and CD reviews.

Click to download the full fourth issue of Earwax Magazine for free.


NoizeMaschin!! #7: Free album download

Click the link to hear and download the whole album (performances by Dr Vellocet, Brett Smith, The Uncanny Valley, Thaddaeus TheExhile, Andrew Nonlinearcircuits, Adam Brown and Diode).


Now based in Melbourne



NoizeMaschin!! #6: Free album download ::: NM7 soon!

XmasNoize. I process Brett Smith's Sax. As always, check out the rest of the album too!



NoizeMaschin!! #7 is TOMORROW (Tuesday January 17) at the Artifactory. Details on facebook. It's a special one, because it's the inaugural Perth Audio Weird Performance AWards night, for excellent experimentalism during 2011.


Upcoming: Brain Full of Light @ Analogue to Digital 7

Brain Full of Light is my experimental duo with Sam Gillies. We'll be playing at Analogue to Digital 7, at Scitech, Wednesday the 25th of January. This will be my last Perth gig before moving to Melbourne!

Analogue to Digital is a sound art and experimental music event held at Scitech for adults. The event highlights sound artists working in the fields of music that intersect with science and technology. There are performances and a short talk, plus the Scitech exhibits are always open.

See the line up and more at the Facebook event page.

New Weird Australia has a write-up, as well.



Video of Emulation 2: Trio

This was performed at my WAAPA graduation recital, November 28, 2011.

In the Emulation pieces, performers rehearse a pre-recorded "audio-score" instead of written notation, and attempt to perfectly recreate this audio track live, according to certain instructions.

In Emulation 2, the seven one-minute sections all consist of the same audio. The performers, however, are instructed to take different parts of the sound (foreground, background, everything the others miss, tacet, solo) in each section.

This article I wrote explains the concept of the audio-score in more detail.

James Chong: djembe
Brett Smith: saxophone
Courtney Hilton: guitar


Coming Up: A Very Noisy Xmas - NoizeMaschin!! #6

Features chainsaws, fruit and veg smashing and the general destruction of Xmas! I'll be doing a special take on commercial Christmas carols with Brett Smith. Tuesday, 20 December 2011 at the Perth Artifactory, Unit 8, 16 Guthrie St, Osborne Park. Starts at 7:30pm.

The perfect antidote to the sweetness of Xmas, NoizeMaschin!! gets all festive and destroys the eardrums before the kidz clacketty-clack gun stocking fillers do. Batteries not included - this is an arsenal of sound that goes beyond all that. $10 entry. Bar d'Factory drinks & earplugs available. We have performers threatening to send seasonal tunes thru the distortion matrix, chainsaw tunes with santa hats, and much much more!

Lineup: David Boring - SubOrdnance - SnoBros - Woteva - Stuart James - Brett Smith & Mitchell Mollison - Sam Gillies - Dr Vellocet versus Dean Martin and his Holiday Ultra Lounge

More Info: Artifactory Website and Facebook



Flatline: this Friday in Sydney

If you're in Sydney on Friday, Carl Sciberras and Todd Fuller are presenting a concert of their dance/visual art collaboration. Three of the pieces feature my music. Make sure you RSVP on facebook.


NoizeMaschin!! #4: Free download

Follow the links to download "Profit", performed live at the Perth Artifactory. Check out the rest of the album while you're there, too!


WAAPA Graduation Recital

In finishing my Bachelor of Music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, I will be presenting a free concert of my best recent works. Featuring no less than 19 musicians, the works, all written in 2011, are for chamber orchestra, film, small ensembles and voice & electronics.

9pm, Monday 28 November 2011. WAAPA Music Auditorium. Free entry.

Full details on Facebook.


NoizeMaschin!! #3: Free Album Download

An awesome and varied live album, recorded at the Perth Artifactory - download it for free. I posted a review and some extras a few days ago.

My track:


Breaking Out: Photo and review

Emulation 2: Trio was performed at the State Theatre of Western Australia on Tuesday, at the Breaking Out Young Composers Night. It was part of the TURA Totally Huge New Music Festival.

"Mitchell Mollison's Emulation 2: Trio was also mesmerising. He put the spotlight on saxophone, djembe and guitar, requiring the performers to replicate the scratches, rustles and whispers heard through headphones."

-Rosalind Appleby, The West Australian. 


  • Courtney Hilton, guitar;
  • Brett Smith, saxophone;
  • James Chong, djembe.

Listen to Emulation 2: Duo (Brett and James):

Emulation 2: Duo by Mitchell Mollison


TURA Commission

Mitchell is the 2011 recipient of the TURA New Music Commissioning award.

The piece will be based on a reversal of Darwin's notion:

... I am led to infer that the progenitors of man probably uttered musical tones, before they had acquired the power of articulate speech; and that consequently, when the voice is used under any strong emotion, it tends to assume, through the principle of association, a musical character.

The spectrograms will be taken of human speech of varied types and levels of emotion, and will explore
Darwin's idea that speech reflects music, not the other way around.


NoizeMaschin!! #3: Realtime Magazine Review, Video

"Mollison’s is a patient set with incremental shifts and additions winding down into a just-audible subiness" - Gail Priest, Realtime Magazine

review: in osborne park no one can hear you scream

Update: see this later post for music and download.


Presenting at Totally Huge


More Free Noise! - Noizemaschin!! #2 Album Download

Click for full album download link.


Upcoming Gigs: Totally Huge New Music Festival 2011

Mitchell's involvement in the TURA Totally Huge New Music Festival 2011:

Thursday 15 September, 10pm. The Perth Artifactory, Osborne Park:
NoizeMaschin!! #3. Short overlapping noise sets, with the tentative line-up of Anthony Pateras, Chris de Groot, I.n0jaQ, Malcolm Riddoch, Sam Gillies, Furchick, Karl Ford, and Mitchell Mollison.

Tuesday 20 September, 7:30pm. Studio Underground, State Theatre:
Breaking Out: Young Composers Concert. Works by emerging WA composers. Mitchell's piece, Emulation 2: Trio is being performed. The piece utilises an 'audio score' - an audio track which the three performers of acoustic sound sources must attempt to re-create perfectly, and which is not played to the audience. More info on the TURA Event Page.

Wednesday 21 September, 8:00pm. Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University:
Solo laptop performance supporting WA bass clarinet/bass guitar/electronics duo Candied Limbs (Lindsay Vickery, Cat Hope) and ACT avant-garde jazz group Pollen Trio (Austin Buckett, Evan Dorrian, Chris Pound). More info on the TURA Event Page. Come down for a night of varied and exciting new music!

Mitchell is also presenting a paper on the nature and possibilities of the audio score as part of the Totally Huge New Music Conference.

Other artists and ensembles performing at Totally Huge include: Marina Rosenfeld, Speak Percussion, Decibel, Etica Ensemble, Sonia Leber/David Chesworth, Philip Samartzis, Anthony Pateras, Mark Gasser, Ross Bolleter, FourColor, minamo, and moskitoo.