Monday, 18 November: Premiere of Emulation 4

My audio-score piece, Emulation 4 for solo wind instrument, will be premiered this Monday by saxophonist Paris Favilla at her graduation recital from Monash University.

I will also be performing in an improvisation for saxophone and live electronics, using TouchOSC for Android and a MIDI controller with Max/MSP to process the saxophone live.

Emulation 4 is the fourth of my pieces utilising an audio score, whereby the performers attempt to emulate pre-composed audio as they hear it through headphones.

The performer should study and practice the audio-score in the same way they would practice any traditional score; it is meant to be learned rather than reacted to, and it can (and should) be listened to through headphones on stage.

The goal is to recreate exactly the pitch, timing, dynamic, and relative timbre of the audio-score in performance.

Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne
11pm November 18
$10 / $5


Saturday, Nov 2: Performance at Eurisko Melbourne

I am one of many Melbourne musicians performing at DIY event Eurisko this weekend. I will be building on my previous explorations of the Interactive Swarm Space application by playing the swarm with a MIDI keyboard.

Eurisko is a community celebration of discovering by doing. Join a passionate collaboration of makers, crafters, hackers, tinkerers, players, sustainability experts and many others who've come to Melbourne for this iconic event.

My set is at 3pm on Saturday. $10 ticket (online) for entry into the whole event, both Saturday and Sunday.

Arts House Meat Market
5 Blackwood St
North Melbourne


Sydney, Oct 23 - 26: Dance Makers Collective

Sydney's Dance Makers Collective have their premiere performance run at Riverside Parramatta with five shows over four days next week.

My flute piece, Orbits, will be premiered by Vanessa Ropa as part of a work for dance and visual art by Flatline. The flautist and dancer follow separate click tracks, which move in and out of phase as circular trajectories run their course in various parameters of sound and space.

Dates & Times:

8:00pm, Wednesday 23 October 2013
12.30pm, Thursday 24 October 2013
8:00pm, Thursday 24 October 2013
8:00pm, Friday 25 October 2013
8:00pm, Saturday 26 October 2013

Adult $28, Conc. $25
Tickets and more information here



Audio/Photos: Flatline at BEAMS Arts Festival

Flatline performed at the BEAMS Arts Festival in Sydney in September. Here is the full version of the audio track I composed for the performance, as well as some photos:


Flatline Development in Sydney

This week I have been working with choreographer Carl Sciberras, visual artist Todd Fuller, and dancers Niharika Senapati, Rosslyn Wythes, and Jake Kuzma on a new Flatline work to be shown in December 2013 at Carriageworks in Sydney. Here are some photos of the development:


Sonic Frontiers 1: Momentum (Sat Aug 24)

I will be performing this Saturday with the Sonic Frontiers Ensemble, at a concert featuring Se-Lien Chuang (AUT), Andreas Weixler (AUT), and Stuart Favilla, amongst others. I will be using a swarming simulator with Max/MSP to process the bass clarinet of Graeme Croft and the saxophone of Paris Favilla.

Bent Leather Band: SONIC FRONTIERS
Sonic Frontiers is an ensemble initiative focusing on making and playing digital instrument systems or technology in live performance. Its aim is to serve as a new experimental platform to support a new community of Melbourne artists and musicians through the staging of concerts, rehearsals, instrument building and workshops.

Sensor technologies, extended and augmented instruments, mobile devices, synthesis & signal processing, ambisonic spatial sound projection, OSC, interaction, performance tracking and graphic computer notation are all prominent areas of interest for 2013/14.

Also featuring Andrew McNaughton, Adrian Sherriff, Dale Chant, Stu Favilla, and Thomas O'Neill.

8pm Saturday August 24
Chalice Centre, Northcote Uniting Church Hall
251 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne.
Free entry

On Facebook


July 26: Maka Khan with Cycle~ 440 (WA) at Conduit Arts

I am excited to announce a show with friends new and old on Friday 26 July at Conduit Arts in Fitzroy. I will be joining Melbourne trio Maka Khan to add an electronic element to Marcos Villalta's erratic and beautifully melodic compositions.


Also playing will be Cycle~ 440 (Perth), made up of two fellow students from my WAAPA days: Sam Gillies and Kevin Penkin.

Cycle~ 440, based in Perth, fuses acoustic piano with extensive laptop sampling and processing to create alternating soundscapes of extreme fragility and overwhelming density. In an unlikely combination, the duo brings together Kevin’s love of Japanese game and anime music and Sam’s appreciation for the delicate ambient and extreme noise genres.

Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick St Fitzroy
Doors open 8pm Friday July 26.
$10. Drinks available.

Event page on Facebook.



Friday 31 May: Balinese Gamelan - traditional and new works

The Balinese gamelan ensemble I play in is presenting a concert this Friday in Northcote. In addition to several traditional works, the program includes my piece Cold Surfaces.

"Gamelan DanAnda presents an evening of traditional works and new creations for (and incorporating) Balinese percussion ensembles. Ranging from 2 to 20 musicians, Gamelan is the essential cooperative music. A must-see (& hear) phenomenon for all musicians, composers and lovers of wonderful sounds."

Cold Surfaces is written for a replica (unordained) set of Slonding, a sacred ensemble of the indigenous Bali Aga villages. It references my knowledge of the characteristics of traditional Slonding repertoire, while using notation to describe non-standard pitch material and rhythmic patterns.

There will also be new works by Graeme Croft and Toby Brodel.

Northcote Uniting Church, 8pm Friday 31 May, $10/7.
Facebook Event Page


Recording: Extract from Street Cred@MIUC Apr 30

Here is an extract from Street Cred's set at the Make It Up Club on April 30. The full recording can be found by following the link to soundcloud below.

Sarah Galdes: drums
Paris Favilla: voice, vocal processing, theremin
Mitchell Mollison: electronics


Apr 30: Flocking with Street Cred at Make It Up Club

I will be playing electronics with Sarah Galdes (drums) and Paris Favilla (voice, theremin, electronics) as Street Cred at the Make It Up Club on April 30. Also playing: Gelareh Pour (Kamanche, Voice), HakGwai Lau (Erhu) & Phil Coyle (Tabla); and The Secret Tomb feat. Carey Knight (Guitar) & Ledong Kvelin (Sax, Radio, Voice).

8:30pm Tuesday April 30, Bar Open, Brunswick St. $5/$10

Part of what I will be doing is using ISO Flock, a virtual swarming simulation library, to control multiple instances of the same effects chain simultaneously. The swarm can be thought as a simulation of group flocking behaviour in birds, for example, and, in my setup, the position and velocity data for each individual agent (or "bird") in the swarm is sent to Max/MSP. This data is then used to control parameters of the effects the live instruments are being processed by (one identical effects chain for each agent), and results in an interesting sonic realisation of the group behaviours.

There will also be some "ditties", video and heavy noise.


Several Projects in 2013 with Flatline Collective

I have been collaborating with choreographer Carl Sciberras, who is a co-founder of Flatline collective and Dance Makers Collective, since 2011. This collaboration will continue throughout 2013 with several projects already in the works.

Here is a recent video of Carl's work to date, featuring my music from 0:00 - 1:19 (drafts for an upcoming installation), and from 4:52 - 7:29 (Music for Glissement, 2011).



Duo Favilla/Mollison: Recordings / Free Download

Here are some recorded improvisations made recently with saxophonist Paris Favilla.

All 8 tracks are available as a free download.

Paris Favilla: saxophone and various instruments
Mitchell Mollison: live electronics

December Humid: Set of 7 short tracks



ABC Classic FM tonight: WASO's recording of Tile/Stretch

Tile/Stretch, a chamber orchestra piece I composed for the WA Symphony Orchestra in 2011, is being broadcast on ABC Classic FM's New Music Up Late program tonight.

Also on the program will be pieces by the other composers who participated in the WASO Composition Project in 2011, including my former classmate Laura Lowther, as well as works by my former lecturers Cat Hope and Malcolm Riddoch.

Tune in to 105.9 FM in Melbourne, or 97.7 FM in Perth at 10:30pm AEST 23 Nov.

Show Details

Update: A recording of the show is available for streaming online. My piece starts at 1:25:15.



AAO: Bennetts Lane, Wed Oct 24

I will be playing live electronics with the Australian Art Orchestra at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club this Wednesday, for Paul Grabowsky's "Variations".

8:30pm, Wednesday 24th October 2012
25 Bennetts Lane, Melbourne 3000
$20 Full / $15 Concession

Full Details


Australian Art Orchestra / Paul Grabowsky Collaboration

I have produced a short electronic segment for the beginning of Paul Grabowsky's "Variations", which is to be performed at the Australian Art Orchestra's SHAPESHIFTER performance at Monash Uni on Tuesday.

Australian Art Orchestra and Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music
8:00pm, Tuesday 16th October 2012
Monash University, Music Auditorium, Wellington Road, Clayton

Click for more details (AAO website).


ABC Classic FM: Interview and Recording of Emulation 2

Something I missed earlier in the year: ABC Classic FM still has available for download as an mp3 their 200th podcast of "Australian Music Unit", posted in February.

Here is the ABC article that links to the download. And here is a post I made last year with a photo and review of the concert.

The podcast contains an excellent ABC recording of Emulation 2: Trio in the 2011 Breaking Out: Young Composers Concert at the State Theatre of Western Australia, and starts with a brief interview I had backstage with Julian Day.

The performers are:

Brett Smith: Saxophone
Courtney Hilton: Guitar
James Chong: Djembe


Upcoming Concert: Javanese Gamelan and Wayang

I will be performing in a concert by the Monash University Gamelan Orchestra, which will include my new piece Small Disturbances.

Joining the Monash University Gamelan Orchestra will be internationally acclaimed, eight-generation dalang (shadow-puppeteer) Ki Joko Susilo, noted gamelan musician Ki Poedijono, and the Melbourne Community Gamelan, in the Abduction of Sita, a shadow-puppet play from the Ramayana epic.

7:30pm, 31 August 2012. Tickets available from 7pm.
Music Auditorium, School of Music, Building 68, Monash University, Clayton, Vic.
Adult $10 / Concession $6 

Small Disturbances combines the two tuning systems of Javanese gamelan, which are traditionally kept separate: the 5-tone slendro (played on the instruments facing forward) and the 7-tone pelog (played on the instruments facing sideways). As a result of very small, microtonal differences in pitch between the two systems, an audible beating or shimmering occurs when two similar pitches are played together: small disturbances to the sound, like ripples in a pond. In addition, the piece makes use of irregular phrase-lengths, measured by the small gong (gong suwukan). Apart from these differences, the piece is heavily informed by the traditional structure and performance practice of Javanese gamelan music.





Audio: Glissement (Flatline Collective) - extracts

Flatline is Carl Sciberras (choreography) and Todd Fuller (animation). This version of Glissement is based on the original acoustic score, and was premiered alongside other works with my music at a Flatline concert at UNSW in December 2011.


Video of Yearning (Flatline Collective)

Flatline is Carl Sciberras and Todd Fuller. Yearning, alongside other works with my music, was premiered at a Flatline concert at UNSW in December 2011.


Recording of Divisions

Premiered 25 May 2012 by Arcko at Richmond Uniting Church.

Divisions employs semi-mobile form, in that the overall structure and the foreground is determinate, but there is a shuffling of bars and phrases in the middleground.

Each part in Divisions consists of thick-outlined “blocks” which are made up of 
one or more “cells” of one bar each. The blocks are played consecutively, 
but the cells within these blocks can be played in any order. Before the first rehearsal, 
each player decides the order in which they will play the cells, and marks up their part 
by numbering the cells accordingly. This order is then fixed for all subsequent 
rehearsals and performances of the piece by these players and is thus unique to that 
particular ensemble.

Conductor: Timothy Phillips 
Flute: Kim Tan 
Clarinet: Karen Heath 
Horn: Evgeny Chebykin 
Marimba: Arwen Johnston 
Piano: Peter Dumsday 
Violin: Elizabeth Welsh 
Cello: Caerwen Martin