Sonic Frontiers 1: Momentum (Sat Aug 24)

I will be performing this Saturday with the Sonic Frontiers Ensemble, at a concert featuring Se-Lien Chuang (AUT), Andreas Weixler (AUT), and Stuart Favilla, amongst others. I will be using a swarming simulator with Max/MSP to process the bass clarinet of Graeme Croft and the saxophone of Paris Favilla.

Bent Leather Band: SONIC FRONTIERS
Sonic Frontiers is an ensemble initiative focusing on making and playing digital instrument systems or technology in live performance. Its aim is to serve as a new experimental platform to support a new community of Melbourne artists and musicians through the staging of concerts, rehearsals, instrument building and workshops.

Sensor technologies, extended and augmented instruments, mobile devices, synthesis & signal processing, ambisonic spatial sound projection, OSC, interaction, performance tracking and graphic computer notation are all prominent areas of interest for 2013/14.

Also featuring Andrew McNaughton, Adrian Sherriff, Dale Chant, Stu Favilla, and Thomas O'Neill.

8pm Saturday August 24
Chalice Centre, Northcote Uniting Church Hall
251 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne.
Free entry

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