Apr 30: Flocking with Street Cred at Make It Up Club

I will be playing electronics with Sarah Galdes (drums) and Paris Favilla (voice, theremin, electronics) as Street Cred at the Make It Up Club on April 30. Also playing: Gelareh Pour (Kamanche, Voice), HakGwai Lau (Erhu) & Phil Coyle (Tabla); and The Secret Tomb feat. Carey Knight (Guitar) & Ledong Kvelin (Sax, Radio, Voice).

8:30pm Tuesday April 30, Bar Open, Brunswick St. $5/$10

Part of what I will be doing is using ISO Flock, a virtual swarming simulation library, to control multiple instances of the same effects chain simultaneously. The swarm can be thought as a simulation of group flocking behaviour in birds, for example, and, in my setup, the position and velocity data for each individual agent (or "bird") in the swarm is sent to Max/MSP. This data is then used to control parameters of the effects the live instruments are being processed by (one identical effects chain for each agent), and results in an interesting sonic realisation of the group behaviours.

There will also be some "ditties", video and heavy noise.

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