Monday, 18 November: Premiere of Emulation 4

My audio-score piece, Emulation 4 for solo wind instrument, will be premiered this Monday by saxophonist Paris Favilla at her graduation recital from Monash University.

I will also be performing in an improvisation for saxophone and live electronics, using TouchOSC for Android and a MIDI controller with Max/MSP to process the saxophone live.

Emulation 4 is the fourth of my pieces utilising an audio score, whereby the performers attempt to emulate pre-composed audio as they hear it through headphones.

The performer should study and practice the audio-score in the same way they would practice any traditional score; it is meant to be learned rather than reacted to, and it can (and should) be listened to through headphones on stage.

The goal is to recreate exactly the pitch, timing, dynamic, and relative timbre of the audio-score in performance.

Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne
11pm November 18
$10 / $5

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