Sydney, Oct 23 - 26: Dance Makers Collective

Sydney's Dance Makers Collective have their premiere performance run at Riverside Parramatta with five shows over four days next week.

My flute piece, Orbits, will be premiered by Vanessa Ropa as part of a work for dance and visual art by Flatline. The flautist and dancer follow separate click tracks, which move in and out of phase as circular trajectories run their course in various parameters of sound and space.

Dates & Times:

8:00pm, Wednesday 23 October 2013
12.30pm, Thursday 24 October 2013
8:00pm, Thursday 24 October 2013
8:00pm, Friday 25 October 2013
8:00pm, Saturday 26 October 2013

Adult $28, Conc. $25
Tickets and more information here


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