Upcoming Concert: Javanese Gamelan and Wayang

I will be performing in a concert by the Monash University Gamelan Orchestra, which will include my new piece Small Disturbances.

Joining the Monash University Gamelan Orchestra will be internationally acclaimed, eight-generation dalang (shadow-puppeteer) Ki Joko Susilo, noted gamelan musician Ki Poedijono, and the Melbourne Community Gamelan, in the Abduction of Sita, a shadow-puppet play from the Ramayana epic.

7:30pm, 31 August 2012. Tickets available from 7pm.
Music Auditorium, School of Music, Building 68, Monash University, Clayton, Vic.
Adult $10 / Concession $6 

Small Disturbances combines the two tuning systems of Javanese gamelan, which are traditionally kept separate: the 5-tone slendro (played on the instruments facing forward) and the 7-tone pelog (played on the instruments facing sideways). As a result of very small, microtonal differences in pitch between the two systems, an audible beating or shimmering occurs when two similar pitches are played together: small disturbances to the sound, like ripples in a pond. In addition, the piece makes use of irregular phrase-lengths, measured by the small gong (gong suwukan). Apart from these differences, the piece is heavily informed by the traditional structure and performance practice of Javanese gamelan music.




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