Recording of Divisions

Premiered 25 May 2012 by Arcko at Richmond Uniting Church.

Divisions employs semi-mobile form, in that the overall structure and the foreground is determinate, but there is a shuffling of bars and phrases in the middleground.

Each part in Divisions consists of thick-outlined “blocks” which are made up of 
one or more “cells” of one bar each. The blocks are played consecutively, 
but the cells within these blocks can be played in any order. Before the first rehearsal, 
each player decides the order in which they will play the cells, and marks up their part 
by numbering the cells accordingly. This order is then fixed for all subsequent 
rehearsals and performances of the piece by these players and is thus unique to that 
particular ensemble.

Conductor: Timothy Phillips 
Flute: Kim Tan 
Clarinet: Karen Heath 
Horn: Evgeny Chebykin 
Marimba: Arwen Johnston 
Piano: Peter Dumsday 
Violin: Elizabeth Welsh 
Cello: Caerwen Martin

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